InnoCare24 represents the emerging INNO A/S customer care services. It starts with recognizing the importance of follow-up services after purchasing INNO products. The INNO customer is cared for 24 hours and their inquiries are responded to within 24 hours. The INNO customers can contact INNO technical department by phone, e-mail, website inquiry, and also through official INNO regional distributors. InnoCare24 gives customers of INNO products the two-fold gift of convenience and support. The objective of InnoCare24 is to build the customer’s satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. In order to meet that objective, INNO Instrument, Inc. does not just sell products, it provides follow-up services so that customers feel taken care of after the purchase INNO products. 

InnoCare24 technical support department has trained engineers that are experienced in all aspects of the service and repair of all INNO splicing products and accessories. Complete stock of spare parts are carried for all models, past and present, ensuring minimal turn-around times for the customer’s convenience.

In addition, unexpected repairs to products under warranty are completed free of charge. The INNO extensive service warranty includes: an annual maintenance service, any necessary repairs including parts and labor, and the opportunity to receive a replacement product on loan for the duration of the repair.

InnoCare24 provides great benefits and convenience to our customers. Furthermore, INNO INSTRUMENT, Inc. is committed to steady growth and advancement as a global company through customer feedback.

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