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V8 High Precision Cleaver







High precision fiber cleaver is a tool which applied to precisely fiber cleaving, it is small size and light weight, and suitable for 250μm coated fiber, tail optical fiber and indoor skin cable. The life span of the blade is more than 48,000 time.










  • It is flexible in use-pattern, you can use it by hand or put on the desk, either hand is possible; it is simple and repaid when operating.
  • It is simple when place fiber, the blade can automatically reset after cleaving, thus can improve work efficiency.
  • Presser foot design can prevent fiber damaging due to secondary cutting.
  • Working life of single face of the blade is 3000 times, cooperate with 16 pieces of cutting end face can improve its life span.
  • It owns a lot of characters, such as : high strength aluminums alloy materials, anodic process, high strength, small size, light weight and beautiful appearance.
  • Skidproof cushion have been installed in the bottom of it which can guarantee the cleaver work stably.
  • It can cleave four kinds of fibers, respectively are: 250um, 900um, tail optical fiber and indoor skin cable.